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Ahoy, fellow buccaneers! The crew of the good ship Daxnd has been hard at work preparing for the perilous waters of convention season to prepare some space pirate goodness to share with veritable sea of geekdom. But first, we’d like to share a little bit of detail on the world of Slipstream Scalawags.

Our swashbuckling space adventure takes place in a universe on the grow. The vast distance between planets in a spread out system begins to narrow through the infrastructural investments of The Galactic Federation of Planets. With an expanding network of gravitational sling points established in key sections of Federation territory, interplanetary travel became a slightly less of an impossible proposition. Ships were no longer as limited regarding the potential distance traveled, and smaller vessels could make journeys more economically.

As a result, commerce took purchase in this newly fertile soil. Many trade companies found golden opportunity to grasp for themselves untold wealth by providing essential goods to sectors that previously had to fend for themselves. Outer cluster territories no longer had to be completely self-sustaining ecosystems, and many cultures shifted their economic priorities to capitalize on an expanding intergalactic market.

Our hero Lenn works for such a trade company, traveling from supply depot to trade outpost delivering numerous goods and crunching the numbers on a myriad of tedious manifests and accounting documents. While not exactly glamorous work, these ships are essential in establishing a strong Federation presence in traditionally less traveled sectors. Unfortunately, along with that comes increased danger, as many interested and bloodthirsty parties set their sights on vulnerable vessels that carry such valuable cargo...

We’ll have more to share regarding the nature of the world and characters of Slipstream Scalawags in the coming months, so check back soon for more details!

Excited to get some hands-on experience with our band of spurious outlaws? Team Daxnd will be at Pocket Gamer Connects conference in San Francisco next week! Monday May 14th and Tuesday May 15th at the Bespoke Event Center on Market Street, we’ll be showing off a vertical slice of space pirate goodness for all who attend. Come on by and get some free high fives from two dorks! More information regarding Pocket Gamer Connects can be found here:

Not making it to SF but stillt to team Daxnd? Then drop on by on the internets and join our Twitch live stream Friday May 18th at 2pm PDT. We’ll be playing pirate games like Curse of Monkey Island, producing Slipstream art live, and maybe giving out some free stuff! Tune in here and make terrible jokes with us!

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