Slipstream Dev Blog - April 2018

Greetings you scurvy sea dogs! 2018 has been an interesting and hectic time for team Daxnd, and we have had a lot of exciting things to share with you all. Our team worked tirelessly to prepare a vertical slice of our in-development title ‘Slipstream Scalawags’ to show at GDC, which was on display at several indie showcase events, including The Royale SF event hosted by PIGSQUAD. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to check out the game and give us your much appreciated feedback!

Not only that, but we recently were able to share our first Gameplay Trailer, showing off a bit of what players can expect to see as they guide our young hero Lenn through their adventure, meeting (and hopefully befriending) a bevy of eccentric and intriguing space pirates. Who are they, and what do they want with them? Will they be able to forge meaningful connections, and maybe smooch? Only time and the player’s smooth moves (or lack thereof) will decide.

We look forward to sharing more details on Slipstream Scalawags in the coming weeks and months as development continues, including production art, character profiles, world details and more. We hope you take this voyage with us, and that you love our band of charming, sexy misfits as much as we love crafting them.

-Team Daxnd

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