Slipstream Characters - Lenn Dioscuri

Avast, me hearties! Team Daxnd has some fun things to share with you as we make our peg-legged march into May. First up is the character profile of our protagonist, Lenn Dioscuri!

The tenderfooted child of modest merchant stock, Lenn lead a quiet and mildly anxiety inducing academic life, attending an affordable and safe university to get their degree in number crunchery. While not exactly a risk taker, they forged ahead to seek stable employment on one of the galaxy’s most established shipping companies. While it was tough and tedious work, they at least had acquired that mythical financial security. Until one day, their ship was keelhauled by a band of deadly privateers…

Quick to panic and not one for bold decision making, Lenn seeks comfort in the stable and known quantities of a life and career with a clearly defined path. How will their nerves handle the uncertainty of what the future holds for them, as they are swept into the hurricane of chaos that is the life of a pirate? Only time will tell as to how they will be changed by the currents of fate.

In other development tidbits, we have a bit of details to show today in the form of some design sketches for the Pirate Haven ‘Caerus.'

Originally established as a mining colony by one of the major fuel manufacturing entities, it has been left in a state of dereliction after a [redacted information] incident. Due to resources and equipment of some value still remaining on the hollowed out planetoid, it has since become a major illegal trade outpost for all number of spurious folk who need to fence their wares quickly and without a digital paper trail.

We have much more to share in the future regarding the nature of our space pirate world, its denizens, as well as our development process. : ) Stay tuned for more cool swashbuckling details!

If you can’t wait to see more, we’ll be in the wild, sharing some hands-on time with Slipstream Scalawags at Pocket Gamer Connects conference in San Francisco! This May 14th-15th, we’ll be at the Bespoke Event Center on Market St in SF, sharing some space pirate goodness with attendees. More information regarding Pocket Gamer Connects can be found here.

We also have our weekly Twitch stream starting up this Friday, May 4th at 12pm PDT, where you can join the team as we share live art, play through some pirate themed games that inspired Slipstream Scalawags, and possibly give out a few goodies. Tune in here and join in the fun!

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