Slipstream Character Bio - Seba Zitell

Ahoy there, you scurvy sea dogs!

July was an eventful month for Team Daxnd. The launch of our Patreon, new day jobs, and further progress on development of Slipstream Scalawags. We look forward to making lots more awesome stuff thanks to your support.

Today in Slipstream lore, we’ll be talking a bit about the Quartermaster of The Black Card, Seba Zitell.

War veteran, former member of the Larissan Armed Forces, experienced tactician, and all round badass, Seba has seen some shit. Years of service to her country (and the scars that entails) ultimately ended tragically as The Federation’s expansion into outer territories came to claim her nation’s sovereignty. It did not happen quietly.

In the years after, she drifted around the various planetoids populating the as-yet uncolonized sectors of the galaxy, working as a sellsword for any spurious crew of cutthroats in need of someone who can get their tentacles dirty. She did so with upsetting efficiency.

Now she serves as chief strategist, financial officer, and closest confidant of Nico Tala, the captain of The Black Card, providing insight and a voice of reason to their brash and passionate leader.

Seba is someone who plays things close to the vest, affecting a mischievous, tittering old coot persona to hide what she’s actually going through or thinking. An emotional and logistical workhorse, she tends to absorb everyone’s problems and soldiers on to get the job done, despite how tired she is. She’s someone who has a lot of connections, but not a lot of close friends (except for one particular pirate).

While she may be a bit brisk with people at times of stress, the ship could not operate without her guidance and taskmastering.


Thank you once again for all your support, and if you can share a link to our patreon with others who might be interested, we would greatly appreciate it! Much love, you scurvy dawgs!

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