Developer Update - June 2018

Hello there privateers!

2018 has been a wild ride so far, and as summer heats up, we have some fresh out the oven Slipstream Scalawags tidbits to share with you! First up is our latest character bio, featuring our game’s mysterious and deadly pirate captain!

Nico Tala, Captain of The Black Card, scourge of merchants traveling in outer Federal Protectorate territory , is a force to be reckoned with. Having begun his life of criminality at an early age in the wake of a great personal tragedy, he and his loyal Quartermaster fought, stole and swindled their way into their own makeshift vessel. It was not long before they began to recruit what became the bulk of their current crew, and now carve a path of destruction across many a trade routes, pillaging unsuspecting ships of anything even remotely resembling good.

Cunning and audacious, as energetic as he is ambitious, Nico makes it a mission to intimidate his enemies and inspire his crew. While on the surface he seems a maniacal warlord with a thirst for blood, those closest to him get the slightest peek behind the mask. What is behind that veneer, you’ll have to find out along with our protagonist. : )

In other exciting news, we have just launched our official Patreon! Starting today, you can pitch in a few bucks a month to help support Team Daxnd as we go on this journey to produce awesome games and art, and get access to a myriad of awesome bonus rewards, such as exclusive developer blog posts, podcasts, art tutorials, early access to preview builds of our current projects, commission art, access to our backer Discord (with numerous perks therein), and even swag! Any treasure you want to toss our way would be greatly appreciated, and help us make our dream come true! Your support is greatly appreciated. : )

We also have our next livestream scheduled! Join us on Twitch this Tuesday July 3rd at 2pm PT to hang out with us while we make live art for Slipstream Scalawags and play pirate themed games!

It’s an eventful summer, and we can’t wait to share more with you all as we continue development, and we hope you can take this journey with us!

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