Developer Update - Events and Stream

Convention season is upon us, dear readers, and Daxnd Studios is in full swing, bringing space pirate goodness to an event (possibly) near you! Two weeks ago, Slipstream Scalawags was at Pocket Gamer Connects in San Francisco, where attendees could get hands-on time with our cadre of space nerds who will be appearing on your favorite phone or tablet. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to check out the game and give us your much appreciated feedback! We hope to have more details on where you can give Slipstream Scalawags a try as convention and event schedules materialize!

We also have our weekly Twitch stream starting up this Friday, June 1st at 12pm PDT, where you can join the team as we share live art and play through some pirate themed games. The last few streams have been a blast and we appreciate everyone who hopped in and watched us play through Curse of Monkey Island. Some new games are on tap this week, and possibly a few free goodies to give out to viewers. Tune in here and join in the fun!

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