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We're a two person Bay Area creative team, specializing in visual storytelling and interactive narrative. Our goal is to create works that resonate with people who are traditionally underserved by the medium and further explore new possibilities via genre-blending.

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About Us

Jet Bougan

Jet Bougan

draws things! programs! made this site, sort of!

Allen Ortega

Allen Ortega

does the good writes of words and also PR and also also music


Slipstream Scalawags • A swashbuckling adventure

Set in a universe ruled by oppressive Federation forces, our story follows a young employee of a trade company. A routine shipment turns bloody as their vessel is beseiged by privateers, killing anyone who dares protect their cargo. But what is their real goal? Why did they keep them alive? And what do these bloodthirsty pirates want with their logbooks?

Prepare to set sail

Explore futuristic age of sail inspired environments and a cadre of interesting characters who live on the fringe of society. Learn about the lives of this cast of pirates as part of branching relationship paths, and join their quest for riches while evading capture at the hands of Federation forces. Featuring gameplay that combines elements of dating sim visual novels and classic 2D point-and-click adventure games, experience an exciting and heart warming adventure about finding your place in the galaxy and maybe... a family~

Development Details

Slipstream Scalawags is being developed by our core team, and planned to come to PC and mobile devices.

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